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Furesø is a green paradise close to the capital city. We have a beautiful life, with the best options for enjoying diverse outdoor activities and natural attractions. Everyone – children and adults alike – can pursue outdoor leisure activities on or next to the lakes, in the forests and green areas, on the courts, paths and in the parks.

Furesø Municipality has many forests and access to may beautiful lakes. Furesøen is the largest lake in the municipality and a well-known natural feature that helps to make Furesø Municipality so special. Furesø is also known as Zealand’s inland sea; it is the largest of the lakes that lie along Mølleåen and at depths of over 38 metres, it is the deepest lake in Denmark.

Furesøen is also the location of the municipality’s beach, which has lifeguards during the summer season. Furesøbad is an old bathing site with a man-made beach that lies next to Furesøen in Nørreskoven, by Fiskebæk halfway between Værløse and Farum. Furesøbad has a bathing jetty, changing facilities, a kiosk and a restaurant.

Farum Lake is located between Farum and Værløse and it is the third-largest lake in the Mølleåen river basin. The lake has two islands, Svaneholm and Klavs Nars Holm. Søndersø lies southwest of Værløse town. At its deepest point, the lake is 7.8 metres deep.

Hareskovene and Jonstrup Vang forests stretch over 8 km from Jonstrup in the west to Bagsværd Lake in the east. Beech woods dominate the forests, with young and old trees. In Nørreskoven forest by Furesøen you can plan your own route. The forest’s southern section features a 4 km long route that is marked in yellow that also goes through the plantation Von Langens Plantage.

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